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Not your traditional life coaching. I believe in co-creating experiences that provide a safe place to land as you learn to come home to yourself.

Ways to Co- create Magic together

Are you the self-proclaimed personal development guru but still feel like the needle isn't moving?

I was until I realized we all have a unique energetic blueprint and while on the outside I was doing all the right things,  on the inside I was shoving it all under the rug and physically paying the price. 
I'm on a mission to change that!

Here's how i can help:

Spiritual Life Coaching

Reiki & Breathwork Somatic Healing Sessions

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Spiritually Curious & Connected Community

Not your traditional life coaching. I believe in co-creating a space to grow, learn, experience & heal with the support of soul led practices & somatic modalities.

Combining the power of the breath with Reiki to energetically reset and cleanse the mind, body and soul from the inside out. 

A space to connect with others just starting out on their spiritual journeys!

One-to-one Life Coaching mentoriship

4-6 month | Bi-Weekly Coaching, Monthly Breathwork & Reiki

A holistic healing space that melds spiritual guidance, transformational coaching, mindfulness & meditation with somatic practices such as breathwork, EFT and reiki designed to help you come home to your truest essence of self. 

The personal development guru that feels like a piece of the puzzle is just missing 

who this is for..


Starts at $3,222 USD - Payment Plans available

Reiki & breathwork Somatic Healing  sessions

Combining the magic of breathwork with Reiki healing into a 90-minute session that serves as an energetic reset and cleanse for the mind body & soul. Includes Chakra Balancing.

The skeptical millennial seeking an alternative medicine practice for stress relief that is open to exploring energy healing. Come with an open mind and curious heart and watch the magic unfold.

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Starting at $155 USD

Guest Speaker for workshops & group programs

I do an evergreen workshop on Energetic Wellness that ends with a group Reiki Session. For more information please reach out below.

Communities that value personal wellness but have't been exposed to energetic work or Reiki before. 

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