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Meet Alyson

I hired my first life coach just as life was returning to ‘normal’ post pandemic. If you had asked me to describe myself at that time I would have used a bunch of external qualifiers like my job title, Runner,  Aunt. I would have told you I was a personal development guru and self-care was my jam!! 

But was that the truth?

I would have told you I really knew myself - and I did but I only fully embraced? saw? acknowledged? the parts of myself I deemed palatable to society. 

Inside I was suffocating... I was stuck in my hyper masculine energy living by a to-do list of things that were supposed to help me grow, I needed control to feel safe and yet I was truly disconnected from who I was and with that merely existing — going through the motions with little to no sense of purpose. I didn’t feel safe in my body …I didn’t trust myself but also didn’t trust anyone but myself. 

So I hired my first coach. Over the course of my first coaching container I evolved into a more compassionate human, celebrated myself, learned new modalities to help process my emotions. But mostly I started to become curious about what else I had the power to shift in my world. 

I couldn’t have predicted and truthfully underestimated how the next few years would unfold. First I started the podcast, then I started my own business… and then also did nothing with it because that would mean being vulnerable online. I kept the podcast going but was running on the hamster wheel of putting out content giving advice but never taking my own advice. I was stagnant.

At the same time, I was making genuine friends and finding TRUE community in the podcast and entrepreneurial spaces. I was investing in myself for the first time. I was starting to realize my intuition existed and it actually was pretty useful when I didn’t choose to ignore it. I realized I didn’t need to do everything alone and that life was more fun when I was curious instead of annoyed all the time. 

I didn’t wake up one day a spiritual person and never look back.

I followed fractions of true beliefs for years hoping I would find my purpose and I DID. 

If it sounds easy, it wasn’t. If you think I’m special - I’m not. You can find your way home to yourself too and I’m here to support you along the way. 

It took a retreat In Denver and multiple days of altitude sickness to teach me that I was suffocating in my own life. But then the universe lead me to breathwork and started to regain my power through nervous system regulation. That lead me to find my first Reiki practitioner who helped me recognize my own spiritual gifts. 

This is how I started to find my way home to myself. I started working with my first Reiki practitioner in a full Spiritual Coaching container and then I realized that I’m meant to practice Reiki. I now know I can co-exist with my emotions and stand firm in my convictions and truth. 

I want the same for all of you. If you just stumbled upon my page, I don’t think it’s by chance. I know it’s because we are meant to meet and we have something to learn from one another. Ready to figure out what? Then let’s go!

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