Hello Hello my spiritually curious friends

I'm a Spiritual Life Coach & Certified Breathwork + Reiki Practitioner. I combine somatic experiences with soul led coaching to help you come home to yourself. After all YOU are your OWN MAGIC & while sometimes as humans we lose sight of that magic you always have the power to call it back and I'm here to help!

Launching  Fall 2024, the 'Spiritually Curious & Connected' Community will provide a curated space to connect with others just starting out on their spiritual journeys. You can expect specially curated meditations, weekly breathwork videos, monthly healing circles and more!

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I’m Alyson!

Hey, Hi, Hello

I'm Spiritual Life Coach, Podcaster, Certified Breathwork + Reiki Practitioner. I'm on a mission to support the spiritually curious & spiritually skeptical through building community, curating unique somatic experiences, and through one-to-one coaching. A good cup of craft coffee sets my generator energy buzzing, I'm a cat mom and married to my best friend. I believe that we all have the power to heal from the inside out and that creativity is the key to ending the burnout cycle.  

Meet Alyson!

"I had such an incredible reiki session with Alyson! Her energy is nurturing and intuitive which allows you to feel safe to relax and receive. Our session left me feeling lighter, more energized, spiritually connected and helped me to release tension in my body and low back. I have been feeling so much more clear minded following our session. I would highly recommend booking in a session with her!"  
-Karlie K.

"As a millennial who is always on the go, it's rare to find those moments where I can justify rest and recovery. Working with Alyson as a Reiki Practitioner gave me the chance to truly rest, relax, receive and honestly just focus on my breath for a while.

I was a little skeptical. I am new to the energy healing/the spiritual space and I'm still personally working through how it aligns with my life but I would definitely work with Alyson again."

-Samantha D. 

"My session with Alyson was amazing! I've done Reiki a few times but this was the first time I felt really connected and completely relaxed.

Plus Alyson channeled such impactful and aligned insights for me - it's like she was in my head! It was exactly the kind of guidance I was searching for, and she delivered everything in a way I could connect with”

-Ashley O. 

"Dear Alyson, 
Wow this session blew me away and exceeded all my expectations! It was so beautiful and powerful - grounding and empowering 😍🧚‍♂️
Feeling so grateful and full of energy after the session! Afterwards, I went to the forest and my pain lessened already 🙏🏼 feeling better and lighter now and resting ✨
Thank you so much for taking the time and for your wonderful energy 🫂💕
So glad you chose yourself, thus path and that you share your magic! 🫶🏼"
- Aylin K.

"I’m so grateful to have reached out to Alyson when I did. Her cool + calm centered energy was such a blast of fresh energy that she was instantly so easy to open up and share with. She has a laser-sharp memory and she truly hears not only what you’re not saying but what YOU are saying, beneath the surface. She has a natural knack for asking soul-stirring questions that really got my to pause in my tracks and think! I’m so grateful for all the insight and guidance Alyson brings to her coaching style. She’s the real deal!”
-Miana M. 

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Spiritual Life Coaching Container

4 - 6 months working together in a one to one capacity - 
I take a soul led coaching approach integrated with somatic experiencing to help you reconnect with your true energetic essence so you can come home to yourself.

REiki & Breathwork Somatic Healing sessions

90 minute Breathwork & Reiki Sessions
An energetic cleanse & reset for the mind, body, & soul.  

Coming Soon: Spiritually Curious & Connected community

A curated space to connect with others just starting out on their spiritual journeys!

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